About Red light therapy

Infrared light therapy has the healing benefits of the natural sunlight without the dangerous solar radiation effects. Used all over Europe and America for many health problems over a broad section of medical and holistic fields.

How it works

Infrared light is an electromagnetic energy offering the benefits of the sun without its radiation side effects. Your skin doesn't get burnt, instead infrared rays penetrate deep into your body and nourish the skin, organs and body cells.
While it penetrates it may help to stimulate collagen and elastin production, relaxing blood vessels to reduce the chance of blood clots, while increasing circulation throughout the body, this may aid in stimulating cellular activity thus aiding recovery of injured muscle or tissue.

What is the treatment like

The heat from the lamp is warm and soothing like sitting in the sun, this may help to clarify and brighten the face, while unlocking the bodies natural ability to heal, so it works on different levels as well as a possible aid to anti-aging it also may help repair tissue damage.

What can it be used for

Faster recovery and pain relief with use for any acute injury
Increasing mobility of chronic joint and muscular regions
Acne relief-exposure clears & brightens your complexion as in normal sunlight
Anti-aging-reducing fine lines
Skin allergies like rosacea,eczema and rashes
Relieving blood sugar problems-studies demonstrate patient improvement
Improvement of many chronic health concerns
Energy improvement